I am Laura Toomer Photography….

… I take photographs of things I have a personal connection with, giving me a deeper understanding of how best to capture those moments. It is important to me that moments are captured, not created, which is why I don’t use a studio; preferring natural light and the relaxing atmospheres of home or out and about for little ones and their families. Having three littles of my own, my photography is like a fourth child: loved, nurtured, beautiful in its own right and personally connected with me.

 Babywearing and close feeding practices (whether bottle or breast – I’ve done both) are particular passions of mine. As a Sling Library volunteer and qualified Babywearing Peer Supporter (as of 28th February 2016), as well as a mother to three aged between 3 and 6, I adore all things natural and beautiful about the beginnings of life: pregnancy, Blessingways, birth, newborns, Babywearing and beyond.

 Please check out my galleries for examples of how this beauty can be captured on camera, and how my true love for it all shines through in the photographs I take of you and your babies.