Our pets are part of the family too

As a family photographer I am often asked to include the family dog and I am more than happy to! Dogs are like our babies and we love them very much therefore it makes sense to want to include the pet in the family portrait.

Yesterday I went on a dog walk with Keith from Pretty Paws Dog Walking and his dogs for that morning to get some extra practice photographing our energetic little friends!
We went to a beautiful location that had big fields and a great little lake for the dogs to cool off in. These dogs had an amazing time and its exactly what you want to see when you are entrusting your dog to be walked by somebody else.

Keith has been professionally dog walking for 3 years and has built up a solid client base in the Huntington and Strensall area of York. He walks on a private piece of land (with permission) meaning that his dogs get a fantastic group walk. I feel its clear from the photos that the dogs really enjoyed going out yesterday.

Dogs are so expressive and full of character. I love trying to capture the personality of each dog I meet. The group had a mixture of personalities but one thing was clear, they all got on so well and played together. Keith makes sure that all members of the group get on which makes for a wonderful time out together.  

If you would like me to photograph your pet, please do get in touch. I come to your home or meet in a location of your choice. It is important that the dog feels relaxed and happy during the session.

If you are interested in Pretty Paws Dog Walking services, contact Keith via his website below.


Having a birth photographer may make more sense than you think.

When I tell people that I photograph births, the majority are shocked and say 'oh I could never imagine having that!' However most people don't think about how much more there is to a birth.
Photographing a birth is not all about the final push that brings your beautiful baby into this world, in fact that is the smallest part. Everything that comes before and after are the most richly filled parts of your birth story.

When you begin labour you are pregnant, you are focused on being calm, getting comfortable and relaxing into your space. So many beautiful moments to be captured that are otherwise forgotten. These moments seem small and insignificant but each one leads you to the birth of your baby.

After your baby is born and you become new parents, I am there to capture your first moments and memories  together as a family. Skin to skin, first feed and that incredible bond that is there between you all caught on camera for you to remember forever.  

I am a trainee doula and therefore I know the importance of a quiet and relaxed birth space. I have had the opportunity to photograph in a hospital and in a home setting. Both were equally beautiful and my aim for both was the same, to stay out of the way and go completely unnoticed. I don't use flash in my photography and I use a longer lens so I can try to stay as far away from you as possible limiting distraction and intrusion into your space.

Ultimately you decide exactly what birth photography experience you would like. In our first meeting we will discuss how much or how little you would like me to capture and what moments are important to you. Each birth is different and the memories that I collect to create your individual birth story is tailored to your wishes specifically.

Speak to me about what you would like for your birth story.



Dunhill Birth Video

I have been trying to write a blog post that describes how amazing the experience of photographing a birth was but every time I have come up short. No words seem good enough. So instead I have made this video, I think the photographs speak for themselves. This was an incredible experience and I feel honoured to have shared the space with the family and their doula. 

Review: Woven Wings Jukebox

Today I had the chance to photograph something pretty unique. One of only 4 wraps Micro released through Etsy, I knew this was special. 

At 90% Cotton and 10% Merino, its a new blend for Woven wings, and that comes across in its wrapping abilities. Here, Sam is doing a double hammock with a leg pass tied at the side which is perfect for your leg straightening toddlers!

Sam is a wrap pro so I left it up to her to describe its qualities. 
"At first glance this wrap looked and felt like the WW Macbeth collection. Now it's had a bath and bloomed beautifully and I can see that the weave is actually more reminiscent of the merino Stockinettes. This is so bold & beautiful in its colour contrast and pattern placement. It's not a subtle and delicate wrap at all.....it shouts 'look at me' and demands your attention. It has a little spring and bounce, in the same manner as the rainbow Stockinettes that I've had the pleasure to own. Wrapping with it was a dream. It will take a little work for the weave to relax properly and show itself at its floppy, snuggly best but oh, the cush! The toddler feels entirely weightless. So comfortable, like slipping into your favourite pair of slippers. Absolutely lovely!"

This wrap was made for Sam. I am sure of it. 

To book a babywearing photoshoot, contact me at lauratoomerphotography@hotmail.com

Feeding for all

I have bottle fed 2 and I have breastfed 1 of my babies. I know that every single time I fed them it was with love and joy that we were having that little moment of quiet together. 

I see beauty in every form of feeding because it is your chance to bond with your baby. Getting the time in a hectic baby schedule to gaze upon their angelic face is magical. 

I want every woman to know that her choice is respected and that no judgments are made by your method of feeding. There is so much love, no matter how you feed your baby. 
To book your "Feeding" shoot, please email me at lauratoomerphotography@hotmail.com

Review: Poe Wovens-Peony Kerchief

Poe Wovens’ (Vermont) bright pink 100% mercerized cotton blend wrap could only be done justice by being photographed. And photograph it I did! Something so vividly and beautifully colourful needed to be highlighted by an equally vivid and beautiful mama; cue my model, Emi.

I fell in love with this wrap the moment I opened the packaging. The colour is intensely pink from a distance, but up-close the purple shines through. The pattern is just so pretty!

The texture: “grippy” with no sag. The wrap works brilliantly in multiple pass carries, gliding very well. In the photographs, Emi’s daughter is 20months, and my 4yo has also been wrapped in this, making it absolutely suitable for older children but I am sure this texture would lend itself well to a baby too!

Photographing this wrap was an absolute delight and I would highly recommend you try one of Poe Wovens Kerchief collection. They are also available in turquoise and green and as with this, the colours are vivid!

The beauty of the moors

Photographing the Whimsy + Bloom tweed collection has been in the planning for months. As soon as I heard Kendal (Creator of all W+B creations) mention Harris Tweed, I knew there could only be one location to accompany it… The Yorkshire Moors.
Driving to the shoot I was excited about the stunning views and autumnal colours that would be greeting me, however when we arrived a huge cloud of fog had descended upon the hills and I couldn’t see across the road. We took a deep breath and carried on with the shoot. I’m so glad we did.


I love the atmospheric feel of these photographs. The fog has created atextured background that really makes the subjects pop. The hills and heather really work well with the natural fabrics and prints used in the slings. I knew a location like the moors would convey what is important in Kendal’s work, the simplicity of the setting and the rich autumnal colours sit perfectly alongside this particular carrier collection.


I was so lucky to have such incredibly willing models (who aren’t models, just stunning friends) to show off the beauty of the carriers, wonderfully made with skill and love. Each individually made by hand to the customers exact needs. K the beautiful 2yo in my photos, was so incredibly quiet and content eating his apple. If it had been my 3yo, I would have only seen his silhouette disappearing over the edge of the hill.


Gatsby is Kendal’s baby. He was very happy to be cuddled up close for a photograph in one of his mummy’s carriers.

But he was very happy to be back snuggled with his mummy.

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