Review: Woven Wings Jukebox

Today I had the chance to photograph something pretty unique. One of only 4 wraps Micro released through Etsy, I knew this was special. 

At 90% Cotton and 10% Merino, its a new blend for Woven wings, and that comes across in its wrapping abilities. Here, Sam is doing a double hammock with a leg pass tied at the side which is perfect for your leg straightening toddlers!

Sam is a wrap pro so I left it up to her to describe its qualities. 
"At first glance this wrap looked and felt like the WW Macbeth collection. Now it's had a bath and bloomed beautifully and I can see that the weave is actually more reminiscent of the merino Stockinettes. This is so bold & beautiful in its colour contrast and pattern placement. It's not a subtle and delicate wrap at shouts 'look at me' and demands your attention. It has a little spring and bounce, in the same manner as the rainbow Stockinettes that I've had the pleasure to own. Wrapping with it was a dream. It will take a little work for the weave to relax properly and show itself at its floppy, snuggly best but oh, the cush! The toddler feels entirely weightless. So comfortable, like slipping into your favourite pair of slippers. Absolutely lovely!"

This wrap was made for Sam. I am sure of it. 

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