Why should I hire a professional photographer? / by Laura Toomer

My littlest on our New Years Day walk this year......

My littlest on our New Years Day walk this year......

In a vastly growing digital world it is becoming more frequent that I meet people debating whether to book a professional to take their photographs or just do it themselves. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE that we all have access to our phones and can take snaps just as the moment happens however I thought I’d give you a few reasons why you should consider something more.

  1. You are in the images! How many selfies of you and your children are there on your phone? Have you looked back through your photographs and realised that one parent is constantly absent from all the images? No matter how much you dislike photographs of yourself, your family love you and will in years to come want to remember that you were there too.

  2. Your shoot is styled. Although I don’t use a studio, every location I arrive at whether it be a clients house or a park I am styling the shoot in my head. Picking the best places to sit to use the best lighting what colours will compliment what you are wearing what angles to use to make you look at your best. It’s a process I have worked hard to perfect!

  3. Post processing – my style of photography is very natural and I don’t edit my photographs heavily, however each photograph is edited on its own to look the best that it can be. It’s taken a lot of time to hone my skills and find my style.

  4. Fresh eyes – a photographer will bring a new perspective to your family, catching moments that perhaps you would not have thought to capture.


  5. An investment of your time- when you hire a photographer you are investing money but also your time. Giving you the opportunity to step away from the busyness of life and allow yourself to reconnect with your partner, children or even yourself. Real life moves very quickly and it is so important to take time away for things that are special and important to you. What better way to remember those moments than with a beautiful collection of photographs that you can pass on and cherish forever.  


Please contact me for any information regarding photo shoots. I will be announcing a great offer very soon!