I support Independent Midwives

On International Midwives day I wanted to highlight the amazing work that Independent midwives do for the women of Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Storks Midwifery Collective are experienced midwives offering midwifery care in your home.  They provide family centred, evidence based care and information about pregnancy, birth and parenting. Recently their ability to provide this incredible service was halted because on January 11 2017, in an unprecedented situation by the Nursing and Midwifery Council, all the UK’s independent midwives were stopped from using their negligence cover indemnity package (despite it being designed especially for them, and approved by actuaries).
 Thankfully in Yorkshire the Airdale Trust welcomed the Independent Midwives to apply to join their midwifery bank and therefore are able to continue attending births and providing an evidence-based women-centred midwifery service.

Some of the affected IMs are taking the NMC to a judicial review as a result. Please follow Yorkshire Storks on facebook and IMUK on twitter and facebook to keep up to date and offer your support so independent midwives can get back to offering their support to birthing women all over the UK.

Here is a link to a more detailed explanation and their gofund me page. Please do support in any way you can.