Having a birth photographer may make more sense than you think.

When I tell people that I photograph births, the majority are shocked and say 'oh I could never imagine having that!' However most people don't think about how much more there is to a birth.
Photographing a birth is not all about the final push that brings your beautiful baby into this world, in fact that is the smallest part. Everything that comes before and after are the most richly filled parts of your birth story.

When you begin labour you are pregnant, you are focused on being calm, getting comfortable and relaxing into your space. So many beautiful moments to be captured that are otherwise forgotten. These moments seem small and insignificant but each one leads you to the birth of your baby.

After your baby is born and you become new parents, I am there to capture your first moments and memories  together as a family. Skin to skin, first feed and that incredible bond that is there between you all caught on camera for you to remember forever.  

I am a trainee doula and therefore I know the importance of a quiet and relaxed birth space. I have had the opportunity to photograph in a hospital and in a home setting. Both were equally beautiful and my aim for both was the same, to stay out of the way and go completely unnoticed. I don't use flash in my photography and I use a longer lens so I can try to stay as far away from you as possible limiting distraction and intrusion into your space.

Ultimately you decide exactly what birth photography experience you would like. In our first meeting we will discuss how much or how little you would like me to capture and what moments are important to you. Each birth is different and the memories that I collect to create your individual birth story is tailored to your wishes specifically.

Speak to me about what you would like for your birth story.