Our pets are part of the family too

As a family photographer I am often asked to include the family dog and I am more than happy to! Dogs are like our babies and we love them very much therefore it makes sense to want to include the pet in the family portrait.

Yesterday I went on a dog walk with Keith from Pretty Paws Dog Walking and his dogs for that morning to get some extra practice photographing our energetic little friends!
We went to a beautiful location that had big fields and a great little lake for the dogs to cool off in. These dogs had an amazing time and its exactly what you want to see when you are entrusting your dog to be walked by somebody else.

Keith has been professionally dog walking for 3 years and has built up a solid client base in the Huntington and Strensall area of York. He walks on a private piece of land (with permission) meaning that his dogs get a fantastic group walk. I feel its clear from the photos that the dogs really enjoyed going out yesterday.

Dogs are so expressive and full of character. I love trying to capture the personality of each dog I meet. The group had a mixture of personalities but one thing was clear, they all got on so well and played together. Keith makes sure that all members of the group get on which makes for a wonderful time out together.  

If you would like me to photograph your pet, please do get in touch. I come to your home or meet in a location of your choice. It is important that the dog feels relaxed and happy during the session.

If you are interested in Pretty Paws Dog Walking services, contact Keith via his website below.