Review: Poe Wovens-Peony Kerchief

Poe Wovens’ (Vermont) bright pink 100% mercerized cotton blend wrap could only be done justice by being photographed. And photograph it I did! Something so vividly and beautifully colourful needed to be highlighted by an equally vivid and beautiful mama; cue my model, Emi.

I fell in love with this wrap the moment I opened the packaging. The colour is intensely pink from a distance, but up-close the purple shines through. The pattern is just so pretty!

The texture: “grippy” with no sag. The wrap works brilliantly in multiple pass carries, gliding very well. In the photographs, Emi’s daughter is 20months, and my 4yo has also been wrapped in this, making it absolutely suitable for older children but I am sure this texture would lend itself well to a baby too!

Photographing this wrap was an absolute delight and I would highly recommend you try one of Poe Wovens Kerchief collection. They are also available in turquoise and green and as with this, the colours are vivid!